A little of this, a little of that

The best part about starting your own shop is it can go in any direction you want, and as someone with a million interests, you'll find that my shop does just that. I endeavor to stock treasures that bring as much joy to my customer as they bring to me, so each item, whether vintage or handmade, is carefully selected. 

Me and greeting cards go way back. I have limited training (high school art classes, a few in college) and have always felt most comfortable figuring things out for myself. I have more cards and envelopes than I'll ever be able to use, so starting my own business made sense! It has become an outlet for my creative adventures and a way to share all the things I make.

As for vintage, that obsession can be blamed on my dad. He's a history nut and has collected and sold antiques for as long as I can remember. He started taking me to estate sales when I was very young and encouraged me as I developed my own tastes and interests. While he was looking for coins and jewelry, I was scooping up American Girl doll accessories and vintage Christmas decor. He can also be blamed for my bad habit of turning over china dishware to examine the hallmark.

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